Conditions of Play

We seek the co-operation of all members and guests to abide by the club bye-laws and rules and regulations when golfing at NSRCC. This is to ensure that all golfers enjoy a smooth round of golf at the club. 

We highlight some of the important conditions of play while golfing at our courses. Refer to our club bye-laws for full details.

  1. Appropriate attire is required of all golfers:
        - Men – Collared T-shirts, tailored shorts or trousers, golf shoes with soft spikes, sports socks.
        - Women – Collared T-shirts, blouse, tailored shorts or shorts, shirts, golf shoes with soft spikes, sports socks. 
  2. Sharing of golf clubs is strictly prohibited.
  3. All golfers must retain and display valid course tickets during play.
  4. Fees are not refundable and rain check will be issued based on the clubs rain check policy.
  5. All play must be on golf buggies. Players are responsible for damage to their buggies.
  6. All golfers must have valid golf handicap or NSRCC proficiency certificate to play on the main course.
  7. The club has the right to refuse play to anyone without having to give any reason.
  8. The club accepts no responsibility for any loss, accident or injury whatsoever on the golf course or within the Club premises.