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About NSRCC Membership - General

Offering term membership will ensure that there is equal opportunity for all NSmen to join.

Each year, there are between 15,000 to 18,000 Singaporean males beginning their NS obligation. The Club, however, has a limited capacity, especially in terms of the golfing facilities. As such, term membership allows us to strike a balance between ensuring a membership priority for new generations of NSmen and making sure that all our facilities are fully utilised. 

The aim of the Club is to provide a premier country club experience at an affordable rate. In view of this, we keep our membership entrance fees and subscription fees low; and subscribe to a ‘pay as you play’ policy. This means that, unlike other clubs, relevant fees apply only when you are using the facilities. Hence, members will not be penalised if they do not utilise the facilities.

The mission of the Club since its inception is to provide recreational, sporting, competition and social facilities for persons who have completed full-time National Service (NS) and who are rendering reserve service under the Enlistment Act, Cap. 93, i.e. Operationally-Ready NSmen.

However, more and more ex-Nsmen, i.e. those who have completed their NS liability have been expressing interest to become members of NSRCC. Hence, with this group of people in mind, the Club reviewed its guidelines and introduced the Associate Membership in August 2002.

About NSRCC Membership Application

Yes, Ordinary Members may renew/extend their membership term up to a *maximum term of 30 years provided that they are still NS liable. Ordinary Members who have completed their NS liability may extend their membership under the Associate Membership category.

The *total membership term, including previous Ordinary Membership term, cannot exceed 30 years. Associate Members may extend their Associate Membership up to a maximum term of 30 years, including any previous Ordinary Membership term.

*maximum/total membership = current (old) membership + new membership term 

Yes, Ordinary Members (Basic) may renew/extend their membership provided that they are still NS liable. Ordinary Members (Basic) who have completed their NS liability may extend their membership under the Associate Membership (Basic) category.

The application process takes 10 working days from the date that the application form is received by the Membership Department. Incomplete or incorrectly filled applications may cause delay.

Generally, transfer of membership is not allowed as Ordinary Membership / Ordinary Membership (Basic) and Associate Membership / Associate Membership (Basic) are term membership.

However, an exception is given to members to transfer the balance of his membership term to his son who is a Full-Time National Serviceman or is an existing Operationally Ready NSman (has NS liability). The transfer fee is 10% of the prevailing entrance fee for the remaining membership term. 

You may start using the Club's facilities upon receipt of your membership card. 

The Security Deposit is a compulsory deposit for your in-house credit (internal billing) account.

This in-house credit has a charge limit of $1,000 (for Basic Memberships and Ordinary/Associate Memberships below 10-year) or $2,000 (for 10-year term Ordinary/Associate Memberships and above).

The Security Deposit will be refunded (less any outstanding under the member's account) when the membership term expires, is withdrawn or is terminated. It cannot be used to off-set against current bills and subscription fees.

Family Membership

There is no limit to the number of supplementary membership that you may apply for. However, Family Membership is open only to your spouse and children (between 5 and 21 years old).

The Monthly Family subscription fee (incl. GST) is $10.70 for Ordinary Membership or $16.05 for Associate Membership, regardless of the number of the supplementary cards held. 

No. Family Membership is only open to your spouse and children. 

Complete the 'Application for Membership Cards' Form which is available at the Membership Centre (6540 8555), Main Lobby Reception (6543 5725) or website

Submit the form with the following documents:

  • One coloured passport-sized photograph for each applicant;
  • A copy of your Marriage Certificate for Spouse Membership; and
  • A copy of your Children's Birth Certificate(s) for Junior Membership. 

Supplementary members are able to utilise all facilities at the members' rate, with the exception of the golfing facilities, where family members have to pay the relevant green fees.

Spouse members may make booking for all facilities. Junior members may make booking for all facilities, except for bungalows.

Yes, spouse and junior members (18 years and above) may sign-in guests.

Yes. Some examples are Children's Camp, Educational Tour, Workshops, Cooking, Arts & Crafts, Dancing courses. Schedule of those activities and classes can be found in the bi-monthly newsletter, activities brochure, website and notices around the Clubhouse. 

Yes, unless you specifically request to withhold this privilege from your family card holders.

Membership Services

A fee of $10.70 (incl. GST) will be levied for the replacement of a lost membership card but it can be waived if a police report is submitted (lost card) or if the damaged card is returned.

Click here to download the Membership Service Request Application Form.


A maximum of 2 per family will be issued free-of-charge. The vehicle must be registered under the Principal or Spouse member. All request for car labels must be supported by the submission of a copy of the Transfer of Vehicle Ownership Record or LTA Transfer Notification Letter.

 In exceptional cases, where the member is not a vehicle owner, but drives one owned by a third party (e.g. company car), an additional authorization letter signed by the owner needs to be submitted, to confirm that the member is authorized as the main user of the vehicle.

 Click here to download the Electronic Parking System (EPS) Form.


You may proceed to the Membership Centre (6540 8555).

Click here to download the Membership Service Request Application Form.

New principal members will be issued a PIN concurrently with their membership card(s). With the PIN, you can make bookings for golf slots, bungalows as well as access your Statement of Account online.

Click here to download the Membership Service Request Application Form.

Affiliated Clubs

To enjoy the privileges, please present your Membership Card, Affiliation Card and Handicap Card (if applicable) at the respective clubs. You may apply for an Affiliation Card in-person at the Membership Centre (6540 8555) or email to

Absent Membership

Members who are leaving the country for a period of six (6) months and above may apply for Absent Membership (up to a maximum of 50% of their membership term) subject to the Management's approval. Upon approval of the application, the membership term will be suspended and monthly subscription fees will be halved during the absent period. The length of the absent period will be added back to the membership term upon expiry of the Absent Membership. 

Click here to download the Absent Membership Application Form.

Please complete the Absent Membership Application Form, available at Membership Centre (6540 8555) and submit it together with documentary proof (e.g. exit permit, letter of appointment from company) of your absence. The Absent Membership status is effective only upon approval from NSRCC, and cannot be effected retrospectively from the date of approval. Members are therefore advised to submit their Absent Membership application and documentary proof as early as possible.  

Click here to download the Absent Membership Application Form.

No. Family Members may not utilise the Club’s facilities until the Absent Membership is reinstated to Basic, Ordinary or Associate Membership.

Click here to download the Absent Membership Application Form.

Yes. Absent Members may utilise the Club’s facilities at members’ rate for a maximum of 14 days (which can be split into a maximum of 4 times and each time, a minimum of 2 days activation) per year of absence. Beyond that, members have to pay the Day Member’s rate if they continue to use the Club’s facilities during their absent period. Members have to notify the Membership Department in writing at least three (3) weeks in advance before using the Club’s facilities.

Click here to download the Absent Membership Application Form.

Finance (Statement of Account)

Yes. An admin fee of 2% or $3.21 (incl. GST), whichever is higher, will be levied if the account is not settled within 30 days of the first billing.

Click here to download the forms for payments.

Your first month subscription fee(s) will be billed upon commencement of your membership term.

Click here to download the forms for payments.

You may start to sign in-house credit upon receipt of your membership card. Statement of Accounts are consolidated at the end of the month and sent to members in the second week of the following month.

Click here to download the forms for payments.

Payment can be made through the following methods:

  • By cash, NETS or credit card (Visa, MasterCard and AMEX) at the Main Lobby Reception, Golfing Reception or the Membership Centre.
  • By cheque addressed to "National Service Resort & Country Club"
  • Internet/Phone banking through DBS and OCBC.
  • Interbank GIRO
  • Monthly payment by credit card 

Click here to download the forms for payments.

Processing will normally take about one month. Hence, please arrange to make your payment through other methods until you have received the notification of approval. The GIRO deduction date is on the 15th of each month.

Click here to download the forms for payments.

Withdrawal of Membership

For withdrawal, a member is required to submit a written notice to the Membership Department. At the same time, he is also required to return all membership card(s) and car label(s) issued (if any) and make payment for any outstanding balance due to the Club. The withdrawal request will only be processed upon all receipt of all items mentioned above. 

No. There shall be no refund of any entrance fees or part thereof already paid to the Club upon the confirmation of a current and/or an extension to the current membership term.