At NSRCC, we are committed to making a positive contribution to our environment by using eco-friendly practices as much as possible, and to promote a peaceful sanctuary for flora and fauna to flourish. 

Few may be aware that golf courses can be a lush habitat for plants and wildlife. Our experience shows that it is possible to maintain a happy co-existence between golfers and nature. By designing our golf courses to provide safe havens for migratory birds such as heron and egrets, we have provided a home away from home for many species of wildlife. Our golf courses are also teeming with native species such as monitor lizards and kingfishers. We try to plant as many native species where practically possible, and have supplemented this with suitable plant species when needed, so that your visit to NSRCC would always be greeted by the warm arms of nature.

Some areas in our Club are designated nature spots which are protected against intrusions to provide a safe haven and for birds to rest and breed. Members would be able to spot a variety of trees, flowers and wildlife species during their rounds on our golf courses.